Well that was an interesting meeting: Nick, Gurdeep and I met at Manchester Camerata to discuss their recent foray into Ardwick, where they met Jenny Wong at Manchester Chinese Centre (MCC) and Alison Kershaw who works for Pool Arts and St Luke’s Art Project. WEA already works with MCC, and after listening to Nick and Gurdeep describe the inspirational creativity in evidence at Pool Arts and St Luke’s, I will definitely get in touch with Alison and invite her along to the Cornerhouse event. Apparently, they have a project called Creative Conversation, whereby people are recorded talking about all sorts of things, with the resulting audio clips being stored in The North West Sound Archive.

By the way, The National Archives is a fascinating site which could be used as a great teaching resource.

Courage, adversity and identity

We also discussed Peripheral Vision further with Gurdeep suggesting I contact the staff at the Museum of Science and Industry to see if their project MOSI Along would fit in with this project. Gurdeep would like the exhibits at PHM to be used as a resource to examine participants’ notions of courage, adversity and identity. Rousing stuff.

Nick then told us about his fabulous idea for a separate project, which shall remain under wraps until it is written up as a new bid.

What I enjoyed most about our get together today was the table tennis tournament of ideas pinging and ponging across the table. We could have chatted some more, but Bob came in to remind Nick that he had another meeting. So Gurdeep and I walked down the stairs to the RNCM café and had soup and a roll for £2. Bargain.

To Do:


  • email me his costings for the musical workshops
  • email me Manchester Camerata info for my presentation, as he can’t attend (13/09/11)


  • send me and Nick the details of the wellbeing workshop & discussion kit  (no need as already had email, but can’t attend training as I’ll be on leave. Sent email to Fiona Parr asking if anyone can go in my place 07/09/11)
  • send me and Nick info about Memories, The Cheetham Hill project (16/09/11)
  • email me Alison’s contact details (07/09/11)


  • send Gurdeep the online questionnaire with the well-being addition (07/09/11)
  • invite Alison to the PV event on 16 Sept (07/09/11)